How to PvP Level 1

So, if you’re a new Sword battle player here is a tutorial on how to get started.

  1. Don’t spam it really won’t get you anywhere except getting you killed, and it is annoying to people and, in this community, we can be nice but um we DO be mean sometimes and if your new you don’t want to be spawnkilled it can induce rage and decrease moral and could even make you leave but we don’t want that.

  2. Try to make friends I can swear on my life the game will be more fun that way you can chat with them play with them discover with them protect each other and have your back just imagine you being new to the game having no friends to talk to or anything and you get bullied or something it is not a fun experience, so I recommend getting friends. You never know when it’ll come back to help you.

  3. Learn how to use the keys I recommend using Wasd (@Wasd not you :) or arrow keys they really do help with cutting people off like seriously follow mouse allows for more mobility but you as you get better learn that it doesn’t help with escaping if needed as much but if you want to use follow mouse then sure go for it.

  4. learn the basic moves moving, dodging, and hitting let me explain if you just move you could get juked and killed if you just try to dodge you might not get hurt but you wouldn’t be damaging either and if you just hit it’s basically a walking target so let me tell you how you can combine them. Move around Using Wasd {@Wasd not you:) keys or arrow keys because like I said follow mouse might give more mobility strats you can cut someone off easier by using those two like your being chased so you use the keys to cut through places easier (More experienced players you know what I’m talking about.) And then if they throw their sword try to use the keys do dodge then try to get in close and hit. You could do this more efficiently but that would be too hard for right now.

  5. Go for smaller chests then when you’re a bigger level get bigger ones, I have seen people just sit there for minutes for one chest if you want to level up go for smaller ones then get bigger ones as you get bigger. This I swear is the best advice on this subject because when you’re getting better this small thing will make a big grinding difference.

  6. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT EVER HACK because what’s the point if your bad at the game learn how to play if you don’t like it go to another game if you want to be a troll or smth well it ain’t funny imagine what other people might think of your afterword if you aren’t banned you cannot redeem yourself easily and tbh think you would have a better chance at hacking Fortnite It might be the ONLY place that hacking MIGHT be acceptable if your just hacking to have a laugh or something DONT this is a big community and hacking would affect probably thousands since hacking might get into the code and break the game for what Personal gain?

  7. HAVE FUN this is an Io game to have fun meet etcetera play the way you want to play this is just things to make you better at the game just play and have fun don’t bully make friends do all of that but if you have a problem just @ me, I will try to help there are others too. But play like you want have fun and be happy you could make memories here when you come back to this moment years later to see how far you have progressed:)

  1. Don’t play on mobile
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It is true sword throws are horrific :skull: I just have to stick to using normal hits

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It keeps spinning me around when I need to throw and I still can’t get the timing right :sob:
How long is the cooldown?!!? It’s not more than 10 seconds, right??? Idk, it just keep on NOT THROWING

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In v1 this was true but v2 its not

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I think you long press or something idk rly it suks

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