how to pvp with lag...

so recently…ping has shot up. and with it…the amount of lag happening.

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so how do you even pvp with lag? (note: i am NOT referring to lag where your player freezes)

so, first be mindful that there will be a delay between when you click and when a player gets hit- more than the usual 25-30 ms delay, this will be more like a 40 ms delay.

dont rely on the hit noise to keep your spacing.

and a note about spacing, you’ll need to w-tap/strafe much more than usual. it will keep the spacing but look less clean than normal- (lag is alr “less clean” tho :roll_eyes: )

you have to be strafing a lot more because if your opponent has lower ping than you, your movements will update faster on their device than theirs will on yours. therefore, DONT straightline when pvping. be unpredictable, move around more, etc.

hope these tips worked!

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use your rizz as much as possible to try to get from a level 0 to a level 5 gyatt via skibidi griddying without getting fanum taxed by kai cenat in Ohio!


mh-hm. sure.

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I used to be around 100mil now I’m at like 150 - 200 a lot plus the TPS is absolutely trash when combined with low FPS lol

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yeah, hope this helps though. ive compiled these through experience :laughing:

Are we referring to bots … p.s. GUATUM FIX HACKER BOts PLS

no lol real players (also hacker bots? what? has something changed since the last time i went on?)

Unedited typos and all

yea lol its fine tho everyone knows what u mean

Ty for adressing the problem. I’m definitely bot playing until i can pvp without gettibg embarrassed by a non who gets in 3 hits before my game can update lol

lol fr

I haven’t been able to play like at all the bots where on sooo much today:augh:
Who else has seen this?

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