How to report servers that are offline

This is pretty common due to some errors of the servers. A lot of people have issues lately and say they are seeing servers offline. @Fish is hosting USA so far. So if USA is ever down, message him.
Now while the other servers (USA 2 and EU), those are hosted by @gautam. Make sure to message him for USA2 and EU.

How do I know if servers are down?
When selecting the server list in settings, it will show offline for the server.

If I get disconnected because the server crashed do I lose my coins?
No. They will be saved to the database and you will have your coins. If you dont gain your coins, tell @gautam.

Thank you for playing!


@Fish thanks for this helpful post! I’ve unpinned it because it kinda goes with support and having too many pinned topics doesn’t look very good in the feed.

i’ve changed the ownership to @system so people don’t get confused. let me know and i can change the ownership back to you