How to sneak food into class tutorial (for all homies who always get caught)

It’s always triggering when you saved some chips or candy from lunch to eat at study hall or at some useless class and then you get caught by a teacher and you have eat it all in one bite or you have to throw it away. Now some people eat them in the restroom but i don’t think you can swallow it. I found a plan.(You are now saved) Step one = get food (Make sure you packed food or you lunch money) Step two = get a book bag Step three = make sure you wear a hoodie ( they got big pockets) Step three = Sit far from the teachers or door ( corners are the best) Step four = don’t sit next to girls (they always tell the teachers) Step five = (for chip eaters) ask the teacher to put on music or talk to the kids next to you so it doesn’t sound that loud when it eat it. Step six = how to remove evidence, you can’t just dump 10 pounds of trash into the trash can after you finish eating in class you put all the trash into a bag then ask the teacher to let you go to the restroom to remove all evidence (you can bring your friends too if you want to play a few rounds of clash royale in the restroom with them) and thats how you sneak as much food as you want into class. (extras) Once me and my friends planned to bring a feast into Lang Arts to eat (bec the teacher was super chill and don’t care) and after Lang Art we didn’t need to eat lunch bec we all had like 10 cookies and half pizza… (We spend alot of cash i would not recommend because we spend like 15$ each (i wasnt able to take my ex out for ice cream bec of this) (i only earn 50$ a month)


I don’t get chaught


lol thats nice, i got caught a few times

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i wonder if anyone would read it xD


I did lmao. Upvoted

U should try it :>

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i know another way how to not get caught


if i was able to take my ex out for ice cream she prob wouldnt be so mad and we prob still be dateing xD

i wanna know

ez strat: dont even sneak food duh!

You cant always finish food in lunch maybe because you’re trying to get a girl or maybe you trying to play a game or theres a fight in the restroom and you need to watch

i am in elementary

it doesn’t matter i am in middle school it will work for high school too


ez solution for that: mind ur own buisness, dont watch slap-boxes in restroom

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restroom fights are fired

you can’t miss them

i dont get caught i sneaked a big white creamy ball of choco into ELA

Bro Like i said IM IN ELEMENTARY

Thank you for this.

always here to help people in need