how to strafe in 80 words

so i made a topic recently…

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i thought i’d teach you guys how to strafe in combos…

it’s simple. let’s hop right into it.

basically, when you’re in a combo, just move to the right or left - either one is fine. then, whichever direction they look in (expecting you to over-exxagerate their strafe) you move the other way.

just repeat like that and you’ll find it much easier to strafe unpredictably.

(ill be continuing this, lmk if you got suggestions!)


you ok bro? You should get some rest, we can wait!! :slightly_smiling_face:

uhh nope i already have no life so y not continue having no life lol

even if you don’t have a life, you should still get some rest when you have a sickness!!

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istg these post become more minecraft and more minecraft

…a sickness for no life :joy:

Me carefully examining each of these topics and thoroughly understanding the strategies (Im definitely gonna forget them 10 minutes later and continue to complain about why I keep dying)

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grass is never impossible to touch as it your number 1 thing to get your life back.

you make alot of posts and stay active so that u can keep your leader rank

chapter 14… NOW

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how to strafe in 3 words.

Hit and move.

working on it

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