How to tell if someone is a bot in

I’ve seen many players ask me, how do you tell if someone is a bot in swordbattle.

what is a bot?

If you don’t know what a bot is, basically they are players who aren’t real people. The server automatically spawns them whenever the player count is low, to make it more fun and interesting.

how do you know if someone’s real or a bot

Well it’s pretty simple, here are the main ways to tell if someone is a bot

  1. They don’t have a blue name

If someone has a blue name, it means they are 100% a real player. If they have a white name, they could be a bot or a real player.

  1. They have a very generic name, with the first letter capitalized

For example, if you see someone called “Adam”, there is a very high likelihood that they are a bot. If they have a lowercase first letter, they are not a bot.

If they also have any numbers or symbols in their name, then they are also not a bot.

  1. They don’t break chests

Bots don’t know how to break chests, they may sometimes break them on accident but it’s very rare. If you see someone going to a chest and breaking it, they are probably real.

  1. Their movements are robotic

This is one of the most important ways to tell if someone is a bot. Bots usually go around collecting coins, and if you see someone making very sharp turns and going straight to objects, then they are likely a bot.

Bots are also very bad at fighting and they tend to run away right when you hit them. Bots also have very little game sense, they tend to continue collecting coins even when they have very little health.

  1. They know where you are through bushes

Bots also don’t know where the bushes are, so if you see someone hit you in a bush, they may be a bot. Note that people can still see you in the minimap if you are hiding, so this may be misleading.

So yeah, those are the top 5 ways to tell if someone is a bot in swordbattle. If you have any other strats to figure out if someone is a bot, reply below.

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When someone starts working on a kill and you don’t share when you only help out or they get the kill to red and you eat all . The second is worse and more unforgivable

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