How to train AIM (new method)

ever found yourself struggling with aiming? well, i have a fix for you!

aiming is mainly having your cursor be able to consistently find its way back to the center of your opponent, so a good way to practice would be to flick! flicking will increase your aim, but if you can’t aim at the start, how will you flick?

well, just train with someone else doing it!

you don’t usually see videos of someone styling in, so minecraft pvp videos would be a good example.

basically, just look at a video of someone comboing someone else and use your mouse to track the player. this will help for aiming, and if they flick, then try to anticipate their flick and flick with them.

some good channels:

luzis for tracking

mariokart for flicking/styling

anyways, what do you think? does this helps you? (made this post from my own experience)

Maybe ill use it.

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like how i comboed you when we 1v1nd :relieved:


xd i could tell since when have i ever seen u in sb recently?

ive been grinding more at home recently

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Luzis hacks with aim assist and im sure of it

actually, may seem suprising but luzis is legit tried their sens/dpi and i was almost as good lol

No i can prove it


I am a owner of a vape v2 permanent license

u own vape?!! hold up… WHAt

And i can 100 percent replicates that

Yep and i dont use it

I only used it for blantant cheating like coldpvp

oh yes that im sure of but there are ways of doing it legit


And now it sits there in my computer basically
What he did was is that on vape your able to increase the value of numbers more thwn they should so like i could have aim assist that aims 60 blocks away and basically he has a high number

a wait a min who let this man cook with a vape. WHO GAVE THIS MAN THE VAPE PASS?

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yes u can do that but just that you can doesnt mean they are but how do you know luzis is using vape? not saying luzis isnt, but how can you prove they are?

Cause i seen his videos and i have done the same and i can tell you for sure thats some form of aim assist