How were you introduced to swordbattle?

Pick a way u were introduced/familiarized to swordbattle
  • I found it while searching for io games
  • My friend invited me to play(if so comment how ur friend had joined)
  • I found it on an unblocked game site
  • Found it on replit
  • Other: Comment
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I’m not sure if another topic was made, but this is for the sake of sb marketing :)

Found it on replit

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Found on replit

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Alr u can put it on “found on replit option”, totally forgot about replit lmao :augh:

Colgó uy invited me

and @coolguy53 how’d you join?

I’m a depressed child with no freinds
I had no life before sb

I found it on when I was bored one day I quit it for many months after a couple hours of playing it and then returned to the game

I was born from sb in a mentel matter

I was one of the first to play it.

I’m still super proud of that.

same honestly

replit for life

One day I was watching YouTube videos on my laptop and the next day swordbattle came to existence


moved to a diff school and everything was blocked and stuff but I saw a kid playing it who refused to give me the link.

but someone else did after

Did he have an account if so what is it

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Btw I invited slapa to play

idk he was old top 100

Gautam told me about the game and I wanted to help make art for it

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Last school year all the popular kids were playing it and it looked fun so I decided to try it out
It was so fun that when it got blocked I was the only one who kept playing it

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I wish all the popular kids at my school played it once i got a whole class to play it and nobody liked it since they kept roaching each other

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