Huh? Think game down or broke (;

What happened TwT to game

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Probably a server reset or smth, I’m not good with programming.

Or NDM crashed again and he has to reset all tokens >;3 and suffer jk its prob a server reset (;

ur on usasword, it went down

ye- cause the main ones blocked…

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use this link

brah thats the one thats down /;

wait its back up?

ahh how I love…
Screenshot 2023-03-08 7.05.19 AM

oh also i just found out that that link was a thing and it works for me

OMG IT let me buy dragon?


huh? lol
Screenshot 2023-03-08 7.06.31 AM

does anybody know a unblocked link for it bcz the main my school blocked and usa i was using and it shut down



wait how did this happen???


This game is breaking down.

Thought this bug was fixed yesterday. Working on it. Please do not abuse this bug to buy skins, you will be banned.

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