I am back, After how many months?-

And my im noww 41? on the leaderboard :skull: :sob:
what did i miss?

some one update mee

welcome back! wait for like a few hours, usually forum is active during the daytime in USA


you left?

Well, v2 is releasing soon.

2022 - v2 is releasing soon

2023 - v2 is releasing soon

2024? - v2 is releasing soon


first v2 was coming out oct.30 and i marked it and it didnt come out :sob: :skull:

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Bro that smile is evilll :skull:

Where my OG Badge :anger: @gautam

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I went to go get the milk BUT i came back :sunglasses:

It was supposed to vome out last year…

Hope that it releases this month…

So you have the milk :milk_glass: ?

It is for first 100 people here only

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