I am Declaring war on all of you

Hello I will no longer be teaming with anybody and will mostly be attacking people and site.
Reason1.Teaming has made the game more infuriating and less friendly to new players because there is no way you can kill 10 people attacking you at once unless your loler
Reason2.I feel I am not improving and I am getting worse every day.
Reason3.You are all MAD TOXIC and all you do is betray me and say oh well you said this on thing in forum and some how all my so called teammates choose there side.
Also don’t say skill issue or sounds like you fault because you are just further providing my point I am sorry to all that didn’t but I will only team with lewcantoucan107 well I DECLARE WAR.


Well I have killed you a good amount of times even when you teamed with Lew so okay

Umm bro we where never even teamed in the first place and that was like 100 days ago so not very impressive ngl not a good flex really I was a noob then same as lew

/: and why should I care I’m pretty sure we where never teamed so yeah

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Also that was I think around 60days ago so you point is valid

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oh no you’re gonna attack me, but first you have to “try to”


My guy harsh what is your deal did you have a bad day also you never even play anymore and I have killed you lmao


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I don’t play that much so ok?

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so you’re leaving our clan?

Welp i look forward to murdering you ig

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skill issue…

nope, i didn’t have a bad day, also when did u kill me in your dreams?

guess i have to end u aswell

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my skin is your pfp

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Yes it is

why do i feel
that this is mostly
aimed at me

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