I am taking a break

Hello my friends I am leaving for a while as I am just so bored of this game and it is a waste of my time also I just don’t like most of you and that has made this forum a nightmare for me and others so I am done I will not be missed and the comments will be negative I know that and I just didn’t n’t care bye to anyone who cares but I know that I am hated by and idc bye for now


Ill miss u

Eh cya find a game you like stick with it get good bit keep the fun

Sorry I wasn’t clear I am taking a break for a couple of days or even a week I don’t know yet but I will be back maybe.

oh still tho, hope you find a game you like tho

if you think comments are gonna be bad dont post it :l

also if you hate us why should we like you

see ya though

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See ya later, come back soon

Be back I’ll miss you

never mind why did i come back f**k this forum