I am the best sword battle io player

i am the best sword battle io player don’t believe me 1v1 me then ill win 100% but if you wont 1v1 then don’t speak.

ps im 2,000x better then @dev3x

what your swordbattle.io user name because the people on leader board are going to be mad if you insult them right now dev3x


its trouble i might not have the best stats but im better then them

well you will get lots of 1v1 then

ill when them all heres my pfp link

only 3 hours of playtime that’s sad even i have more than you




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ive had more accounts i just forgot the password to them since i kept getting logged out randomly

i got 10 hours

i dont play much + its a new account


your name is 100% CAP

like i said im willing to 1v1 everyone to prove im the best

well tell me ur other usernames so i can merge them :roll_eyes:

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i thin one was grim i forgot the others

i said trouble would come and wow it came

aka it ur user name

ill hop on rn