I cant log into my account

So earlier today you might have seen me in game but I wasn’t logged into my account, that’s because I couldn’t get into it. When I put in my username and password and pressed log in, it said “Server is temporarily unavailable, try again later”. But when I got into the game while not being logged in, I could see that there were other people who were in their accounts. Idk why this is happening… it might be because of the leaderboards being completely blank, no results will show up in any leaderboard. Has this happened to any of you guys? @gautam do you know why this might be happening?


Stop using light mode- that’s the fix

Werent you the guy that has heroku blocked? The db+lbs still use a heroku based server.

Maybe just dont use heroku

Yep, that was me. That makes a lot of sense then if that’s what happened.

I used to use a custom linux server but some guy keeps crashing it,idk how he does it.

Will figure out a patch for u tho, dw


Use a service with DDoS/DoS protection

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