I declare war on u all

i declare war on every pro to ever play sworbattle
i hear by declare war on you all the 1st great swordbattle war begins now.

welp i know what im not doing tonight


sleeping! ill be grinding


bruh, you are seriously outmatched!!! XD

why tho? even me too?

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are u a pro?

Like cosmi said… But why tho?

technically yes but i won’t be playing until 8 months

also how to u do that with the summary thing


lol i mean idc and u stand no chance in a 1v23923 something like that

Cosmic, u can’t even one v one me. With 100k more. Bur.


well one day ill be better than the rest of you guys u cant be the best forever

Lolololololololol. Good luck. Need a challenge.

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I can 1v1. Its just really boring bc no one wins

I have 1v1ed before

Yay I reamber are last 1v1 with samurai and we both couldn’t kill each other then we got rid of abilities and I was dead lol

how to

First hit this
Then this
And there you go



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you’re starting a war when you cant even beat me in a 1v1 . . .

lmao all