I Did It

He is not my friend, so, its still not my fault

tell acol to stop, i didnt start talking of topic, he did

u attacked my friend so i did what a friend would do not my fault

you may think its not ur fault but you are the instagater and keep going on and on with this, so just stop replying

I hope you know that I may be a future mod in a month, from being the most active person on the forum, so that’s why I’m telling you to stop the topic and talk in general. This is blowing up the feed. And it’s no longer about this topic your drama should be in a private group chat or something.

ik i didnt start it

If this drama doesn’t move to a group chat i’m telling cosmic.

Lol just ignore me, doesnt even know what “instagater” even means

we took it there but acol keeps taking it into every topic there is instead of keeping it in our chat

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Or end it completely

chill bro im done with it if hes done

just dont get me and harsh in trouble because we didnt start it we are just tring to end it.

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ye fr

@harsh @dev3x @Acol Acol, didn’t even start it all he simply said that angel was better than you. That doesn’t give you any right to go out of your way and start drama on Acol for no reason besides him saying angels better than you dev3x

You started it, you didnt say that its your friend and just keep killing me, shut up alredy man

acol take it to the chats

thts not how it started at all. I wouldnt get mad if he said tht cuz angel is better than me

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Dev, breads week starts sunday. U jave this week


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but honestly i think dev3x is better than acol in person