I Did It

finally im 3rd place
now ur turn @bread


If you’re planning to beat me next I WON’T MAKE IT SO EASY

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Remember you said me something like this

…True but this time tho:(…

Anyway you better then devex as a person

Can you pls stop the drama and keep it on topic

No drama, i just hate you : )

nice :)

thts still drama. bring this somewhere else and off my topic

Well, I know that you hate me too, so, I dont worry

I never said that I hate you (and i dont)

You said it some days ago when we was friends, but you killed me and didnt give me a chance to tell you anything, so shut up please

STOP, drama! NOW!

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Not my fault

This is blowing my pc up! this drama is nonsence!

hol up b4 we killed u killed us first so basically u started it so ye…

Well look at last our conversation

I was mean to kill witherking, but you attacked me

b cus witherking is my friend and we team

Pls stop this topic. Talk in general chat