I fond out swoedbtle is open sorce

Ok so I loked at swordbatl and I se it open sorce I downloded it and ai offiials anounce


bladbstle io is epic gam where u Fite with blades and stuf

y bladebatle better

  • mor updates
  • alot evolutons
  • beter grafics

bladebatle io is coming out son

this isnt a new discovery, its been open source like forever

imak bladebatl iit swordbatl but beter

hi gautam know its you by your bad spelling

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yore mean

thankyou gautam think yuo should focus on swordbattle.io

hi i not gatam and I mak bladebatl not swrdbatl did u red wut I sed


here you go gautam

stop calingme gautam

first learn to spell

I kno how 2 spel it fastr typ lik dis

well you spell your game wrong gautam

noway swoedbtle is open sorce!?!

I never knew that!!!

i m some1 els

Woah!!! new info, swoedbtle is an open source!!!

it iz an I wil tak cod for me gam

so you are an alt

I was being sarcastic, I already knew it was an open source, not trying to be rude tho

wat is dat