I forgot my Swordbattle.io Account

So recently a month ago, I hopped off swordbattle, and I didn’t hop on since then. A few days ago I had tried to log in and didn’t work, so I just didn’t play that day. When I tried today, it still says invalid username, and I had that as my username and it wasn’t my password. I need to know how I CAN RECOVER, OR IS IT PAST ALL HOPE

Welcome to the forums!

Can you find your profile link? Try going to https://swordbattle.io/ <YourProfileName>

For example mine is codergautam

If your profile loads, we might be able to recover it.

I couldn’t because I remembered I had added a word in my clan rank, but can you look on the leaderboard data from the second week of November, around the 9th, which was the last time I played. My username I last had it was {GL} SmartChris.

Could you pull it up with my email? I think I had put my email with it.

Was it resolved?