...i fought the best

so today i wanted to switch things up a bit…this post took quite a bit longer than usual…so i hope the quality makes up for it.

well - let’s begin.

everyone knows that i’m not that good at swordbattle.io.

however today…i wanted to test my skills.

soo - naturally - i fought the best.

the best…of many categories. grinding. pvp. and…roaching?

anyways, starting off with player #1 - the best pvper. @ANGEL.

i was expecting to be beat up on, but i actually got a lot of hits on ANGEL in the beginning - an early combo.

other than that we were mostly trading and throwing swords from some distance away, but then something unexpected happened.

i actually managed to get ANGEL low, to yellow, by baiting her and then strafing quickly to get her into a combo.

it was a long, complicated fight, so i cant brief it all, but here’s the summary.

it was a tough fight, and we both got combos, but in the end i got ANGEL to red by doing a quick side strafe and putting her into a combo until she got red - ggs, ANGEL, that was a really tough fight.

player(s) #2 - the best…roacher…s? the {XR} clan takes the spotlight here…

and of course, since the {XR} clan fights the most fairly with a whole mob - ahem - group - of people, i decided to fight all of them together.

and uh… safe to say it did not go well in the slightest.

they all swarmed me and i was no match for their roaching powers of roaching…

although they didn’t get off without a scratch, either as a lot of times they would kill their own roacher clanmates…uhh…

well, next up we have player #3, the best grinder…Acol would be my first choice but as Acol isn’t really on anymore i chose @Number1, who is also really good at grinding.

this fight was…interesting, to say the least. i had never really fought Number1 before, so i didn’t know their playstyle…which, as i found out, was extremely aggressive and fastpaced.

at first, we traded some hits, and then distanced ourselves for some sword throws.

i overall, got more hits (counted) but Number1 had more damage upgrade points. (it was still fair because i had more speed points than Number1)

in the end, Number1 won due to those increased damage points with a well-placed single hit - ggs Number1.

anyways, hope you guys enjoyed! this was really nice for me to diverge from my usual style, lmk what you guys think.

We can 1v1 again :) make it even

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sure, rn im not free (doing other stuff at the same time as reading/posting) but we can set up a time in pms :]

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Swordbattle pvp is ruined


unless gautam changes it

Yeah it made people who only know the basics of pvp better and people who focused on pvp their whole life made them weaker.

Yup I want more skill based PvP!

Exactly. Me and some random dude faught for over 40 minutes. The person I was fighting was actually good but we could not even kill each other.

And in general tbh everything has been made easy for new people

There also this noob who had 50k and he just had like max health or something and I could not kill him no matter how many hits i got on him he would just keep spamming which is actually a viable option because of how low the hit cooldown is.

Not a bad Strat actually… max health options and choose turtle so when you do finally get low you can just use ability

It makes people unkillable even though they have no skill

Hopefully once Mistikmsorts out his legal troubles he can help gautam

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