I hacked swordbattle v2

so I got access into swordbattle game code (terrible security btw) and here is what he has done so far for swordbattle v2

I tried pressing the buttons nothing works I don’t think he will finish it anytime soon LOL

Dm me selling source code for $20

the source is open and on github
he said it would take a month (plus or minus a week)


Ok first of all you didn’t “hack” into the source code everything is on github anyone can look at the code and see my progress.

Second of all I’m working on it It’s a weekend I have other stuff to do too

Third you “selling” it lol I swear if anyone falls for this I won’t even feel bad for you


bro I don’t even think coder started on v2 yet lmao L ratio


this is so sad that u even tried to sell open source code

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