I hate my phone

I was at 800k and I hit the reload button on my phone!!! I was so close to my 1 mil goal !!! Ahhh

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Oh and the reson this happened is on phone if you play like I do around 500k the capta symbol blocks the map so I turned it sideways to see the map and hit the button



lol, at least you have a phone!


lol sounds like a you problem

How many kid’s lives you ruined so far just curious lmao

umm about 167 as of right now

You keep count too? Dang you’re going to be a great mom too if you have kids one day lol

I gave up on kids after r3d broke my heart

I’m so sorry

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        or am i?

Tinsaw ehs flip it

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The answer to the thing is she wasint


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