I made a Skull Skin to re-cleanse your eyes

My bad, I’ll fix that. I’ll see if I can change the expression a little.

…with all due respect, if I remove the mouth and nose it’s just gonna look like a bowling ball with eyes, but I’ll try my best.

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for same reason people think kids r scared of this when i bet a 5 year old wouldn’t be

I’d hope that 5 year olds don’t even have a phone yet…


ive seen 3 year olds with phones

Yikes. But I can see how this skin would seem scary. I’ll try and fix it up a bit.

I agree with this actually , there are lots of cheap skins rn


i reallly like it

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The expensive ones r too expensive combined


Maybe not remove mouth then try making mouth somehow nicer

So like a smile or something? I’d probably have to change the eyes too if that was the case.

somehow nicer up to you how

make it have one blue eye
Then it will become sans



And thats because you have the most coins think about starters


this skin looks really clean nice job

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And not everyone grinds :innocent:

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