I made a Skull Skin to re-cleanse your eyes

After the catastrophe that was the anime girl skin, I feel like I should at least attempt to make a good skin. So I made a Skele Skin.
Skele Skin!
Desc: Bad to the Bone!
Price: 20,600

Tell me if you think I should get rid of the cracks in the skull.


I love this skin, and yes! Keep the cracks! Adds character, and makes it look cooler



I mean, I was thinking it could also be 206,000, but then I thought that was too high. Also, thank you! It’d also depend on the quality of the skin as well though.

Anime skin was better

Ngl but it looks like thisXD


Oh god, I can’t unsee it XD

Majors mask lol

amazing job, i luv the sword


good job but in my opinion it looks to violent, remember this game is meant for the younger audiences so if you could make it look less scary per say we could add.

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How would a kid get scared of that?

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Personally I believe children ages 6-9 will be scared of this


im 9

again Im specifically talking about the younger part mainly, I do believe some people 9 or younger will be scared of this. ofc some wont be but theres also those who will be, again I as I qoute this game is meant for the younger audience. Removing the mouth and nose will fix this problem mainly.

I was 6 and I watch my dad play the last of us and have you seen some of the Halloween costumes they get realistic and it’s a circle

again this isn’t everyone’s situation please remember, your opinions and life style isn’t the same as others. When running this game we must treat others in a way we make them happy.


Baldi is scary m8

/: still Halloween has some realistic costumes

and thats why were planning to remove some ;)

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