I Made a video about the new combat update

If I hit 100 views on a swordbattle.io video i’ll give 2 extra subs to all of gautam’s channels


do you get views on an embedded video? i didnt expect it to embed the video

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IM IN THAT VID LOL so ur astro


WHERE am I in the vid
plus i think u caught a hacker in 4k

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I hope you get 100 views and nice vid


“i hope you get a hunderd views” loll


lol im too lazy

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yeah :slight_smile:

70 views your getting there

100 views you know what to do @SomeBoyPlayz



swordbattle.io is one of the hardest games to hack.

  • Recaptcha
  • Server-side checks
  • No popular hacks out yet, most people are gonna look on greasyfork or such sites for them instead of trying to make them themselves. The only “hacks” are suspicious APKs that probably contain adware and other malware.

Also, they aren’t hacking, they just glitched inside you (Totally possible) and spammed clicked to drain your health really quickly.

The only hacks that can get you banned from the main game is autoclicking or botting.

If you look around github, you can find a few “hacks” or bots that work if you disable the recaptcha. For example https://github.com/ParadoxLikesCats/Swordbattle-Bot

To my knowledge, there aren’t any real hacks that work on the main game currently.

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y r u giving out hacks to everyone…

Because they don’t work.

Also it’s a great learning experience

yea :smirk:

Whatdup golden pvp its me Flamingsword2v

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