I might be leaving

I might be leaving…


  1. sword is kinda boring without other people to chat with or without evo’s

  2. the only reason i play is for the game, skin, and friends

  3. there hasn’t been an update in the actual game (meaning not the skins) in months.

JK i will only be leaving if i find a bettr game (prob not gonna happen) and when i get bored from the game! but keep in mind u might see me disappear for a while occasionally…

oh and also update the game :slight_smile:


Try battledudes.io it’s alright

Keep in mind, skin changes are going to take some time and I think Gautam doesn’t want to make too many updates to Swordbattle.io Until Swordbattle V2


blocked for me

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and i can wait but i might take a break in between the working for V2


Royaledudes.io then?

Stop giving him games that will make him leave!


Yea but he wouldn’t just leave us would he? Plus they aren’t the best in the world.


Still no more games plz

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Fine if you say so

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b l o c k e d

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zarooma i will not leave forum but i may leave sword(my teach blocked ALL 3 links to sword so ye) also i may stay on sword if its good


if swordbattle.io is still blocked after this week i’ll leave too

yea all the links have been blocked now for me except forum

i think my gfs for ten days

i am quite late but i hope you succeed in your journey

wait it is? but i seen u on before

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Yea I have been playing on my phone at night

only one link works and im fine until they block it

why at night???

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