I remade CoderGautam's game; "The Square"

If you don’t know by now, or don’t use Replit.
CoderGautam published a game called “The Square”
Original “The Square”

So I remade it:
The Square / HARD MODE

I made it 10x harder and changed it up a little…
It has all new levels and some new gimmicks as well.
Hope you check it out!
(Also check out the original too)




Great job, I played it it’s really cool


my highest was level 4 with 30 deaths, cool game. My only question is can you beat this game?

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I cant pass level 16. Everything else is possible under 300 secs. Make lvl 16 ezier. Specifically the top floor

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its a mix of a rage game and a speedrunning game. So lvl 16 is intentionally hard. (also skill issue ;/)

Sthu and makw it easier…

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