I suffer from a not so rare disorder called “skill issue”

Erm… how do I phrase this? takes a deep breath Hi. I am Faraway_Flame. There are a few things you should know about me.

  1. I lost a bet in early October of last year, so now I have to be a furry online until April (yay?).
  2. I am kind of annoying, so you should probably try to steer clear of me.
  3. mudkip best pokémon
  4. And the real topic of this post. I need to git gud. I am pretty much the worst swordbattle player in existence. I literally get killed by bots on occasion. please send help (by that, I mean give me tips for pvp and train and teach me)
  5. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk


It’s not rare



Yeah wht manage said its pretty common especially among peasants


Dont you have a skill issue…

Cause you dont do dat WAP…

better one

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What were you before October?

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… not a furry?

Literally just look up sb tips lol
or maybe someone will Pvp u, maybe ask finn 96

Horrable Tips: Use an autoclicker when small

No, like your account name/ profile pic.
(If it was changed)

My pfp was sans the skeleton i think

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