I want to join a clan, but idk which one i should join

Which clan should i join? provide reasons

Personally I will start the Mitblade/Bald clan and dominant with bald people
Join cause im hot

no like a reason, not like ur hot or anything
(example:Join because our team members are good a pvp, good clanmates, and good teamworking)

POV: Frumpy rushing here to advertise Microwave Clan

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If you like killing join mine

Reason for joining: Microwave


microwave clan
reason: we are cool

Microwave clan because if you join any other clan you will get banned




Why is name mv?

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… I took over ur clan I own u now tht was the deal…

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  1. make good skin
  2. get it into game
  3. join the most exquisite clan in the game
  4. get to be apart of cool thing B)
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ik, but u said someone else took over my clan, so i decided to leave it :\

Microwave duh

Gucci Clan is a great clan

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why tho, like its benifits

Gucci clan has a lot of members. None of them good. Gucci goes for quantity over quality, but the skin creators clan is the other way around.


hmm so im not good?