I Will be Returning My PRIME

As Most of You Know, i lost ALOT of skill after saying I’m gonna grind till Top 25
before I made myself always grind I was getting kills faster then XP

everybody was saying

  • “Your Good at PVP”
  • “Wow Your Pretty Good at PVP”
  • “suck”

So then I started grinding and BOOM


…Of my PVP Skills GONE

many of you know when I join SB I only thing to do is grind, on days like weekends I just grind a little but yeah

SO… i will be training my Skill for the next 2 weeks if they are some ppl who wanna train, no you cant. Why you ask? well I wanna create my Own Combo. i had my own combo before it was just to dodge and hit But it isn’t really got anymore in V2 so…

2 Weeks 30% of my PVP recovery

And i Will See you In 2 Weeks

(i will put grinding aside for 2 weeks, but not enough to lose my place)

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thank you for stopping grinding. I haven’t exactly been playing swordbattle and I was scared you were gonna pass me

theres still i chance im gonna pass you BTW

im #43 rn

ok great new players, i guess i have to grind phantom :sob: and my acc to top 10 before its impossible to get top 10

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Pitiful i havent played in weeks and i can make all of you perish… :smiling_imp:

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