I won't be on much.

I guess I won’t be here because my school blocked the entire idea of Replit because “Fun bad”, but yeah, I won’t really be missed though, see you guys every once in a while.

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Dang, that stinks. See ya.

yep wont be missed idk why you underclass men keep saying that but i guess its true i aint missin you

Damn, ur saying that like I’m some useless dog

you described yourself as a uselss dog sigh you said it not me

True ig

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Bad school

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NC moment

bye work on school but come back maybe join me in the mobil section same thing happend to me but then i got a phone and could play again

I know how it feels… I can only access the forum late at night or early in the morning because of school.

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