[IDEA] Accessories

Accessories would be a different section of the shop, where instead of skins and swords, you get accessories. (Ex. Bows, Ties, Helmets, etc.) You can put up to 2 on your player + evolutions put an accessory on your player making it 3 in total. This would add a lot more customization to the game instead of just “skins and swords.” It’s also something the community could help to make, like skins.

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that is an amazing idea

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this has been talked about before if you can find topics maybe get ideas manny cosmetic ideas i think you did one your self would love to see it in game


maybe like a sword pouch`s or beards


Wings, ( like in moomoo.io for example) would look epic.


not a bad idea but we do have to be careful when making as there are skin overlays currently for when we expand evolutions, so a helmet overlay wouldent work but a tie could or bandanna


Mit. Do u remember ny idea dump?

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I think so yeah?

Remember name frames? Tht wont mess up anything and is cul accessory

na not really I need context whats a name frame?

Did u see my dump or not?

tbh na I couldent be bothered to read

This stuff swill only come after v2 and i release my dump after v2 so ig it doesnt matter if i explain


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Being bald is nice

This is an amazing idea!!! Although (I’m not sure) but might be hard to code.

it wouldn’t. it’s litterally a copy & paste of the skin shop lol

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Anyways, heres a proof of concept.



It’s a glow that goes over the skin to make a cool effect. plus it works with any skin

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how many skins u made?