(idea) cyoa?

soo for a long idea i’ve had the idea of making a choose your own adventure, or, cyoa, in the forum about swordbattle.io…how this would work is there would be a ton of hide details for choices branching off…

and i am not sure whether i should do it but it’s a cool idea. i mean, it would be really fun to do, both for me and for you all. but at the same time it would be a lot of work…but i don’t wanna be lazy, either. and i think it would do me some good to work hard on something good.

soo i will have you guys decide. should i do a cyoa series?


that was not a “ya”

what was it then lol? should i or should i not do a cyoa? it seems pretty fun to do and to complete


alr i will prolly do it then :]

i should be the best adventurer

thats the spirit :]

no make me best adventurer and op for no reason

i’m afraid not sir.

anything else i can help you with…? sorry lol but no :]

where do i find snow in this world


alr i prolly will then, as i said.

plus it will help you beat gautam

in thine heart and soul alone, the snow dost dwell, a wintry chill that hath no parallel.

you see i can do prookl philosopher imitations too

didn’t frumpy make one?

i feel like…maybe but i dont think they finished? idrk

i dont speak microwave