Idea for thingy

@gautam i know people have asked about this before, but I had an idea for a friend system. You could mark people as friends, and a lil green dot would appear next to their name (only for u). This way you can remember if someone is your teammate. You could do this for multiple people too.


What about a follower system, basically same concept

it will show which people you follow is online

and green dot


yes, tht would be great. would it be connected with the forum following system? (like the people you follow on forum are the ones you follow in game) cuz ik some people dont use the forum that im friends with


hmm well I don’t know if I could connect the forum following and the game following because both of them use completely different account systems, and it would be a pain trying to link forum accs with in-game accs.

so probably no as of now.


ok, thanks


Bro come on again? This forum is just teasing me that dev came back ):

Anyway I think the green dot would be too op but I do think it would be nice to have followers that you could see which server they were on

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Wait wat that was a month ago?!

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