Idea for v2 minimap (add phase 2?)

so i saw v2’s minimap recently:


and one thing stood out to me. the crown for king completely obstructs the actual bot’s dot on the minimap, making it unclear where it is and just not the cleanest it could be in general.

so i was thinking, what if the crown for king could be sized according to the actual size of the king? this way it could be fitted over the player/bot’s head on the minimap, like an actual crown.

the crown could have a default smallest size to prevent them getting too small from being noticed…

but what do you guys think about this idea?

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Yeah if everything else in v2 is getting revamped from v1 crown should too

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yeah i would say that would be a good seperate idea as well as this if it were to be added

just the thing is it looks clunky and awkward when it’s too big like that

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Art and simple number values are easy to remake since slap is basically slave labour as he doesn’t sleep and I’m starting to doubt if he eats and drinks either now

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Of course I don’t eat or drink I don’t need to
I do have some food tho I don’t eat lunch usually (Joke maybe)
I would love to make a crown tho :] (After I finish oooone thing)

Yeah, a crown would be a perfect addition!

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