Idea to prevent cheaters

i have an idea of a popular fake cheat that if you install you get punished in a way, like getting banned or smth

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R the artists for the game still at work?

yeah i think

how do u ask them to make askin…

dm them on dc or dm them on here

wht r there names

idk, just say @ artist on the discord server

im an artist too, so ig you could msg me

There are no cheaters, swordbattle can’t be hacked lol.

uh yeah it can. there are multiple ones.

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Cheater’s are easy to beat I kill them 247 as a warm up if I ever bump into one:|

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There’s literally 0 cheaters

auto clicker’s?

Hm you got me I guess. But there’s a hit cooldown so it doesn’t really work that well.

Since swordbattle is a relatively small game people don’t take time to make cheats

Yes there are a few here and there but they are all patched :slight_smile:

But I think making a fake cheat would be a waste of time cheaters would figure out soon enough