Idk whenever evolution happens and you have angel skin on it looks like ur just wearing default skin

what are your thoughts?

  • i thought of the same
  • no ur just blind
  • yo mama
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oh yeah this is true, i need someone to make an angel sword

pls let me know if your interested, offering 500k reward.

i might be able to in a day or to. im kinda busy rn

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Everyone thank manage for starting the reward trend… lol

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hey can i make it?

i said i would

honestly just make like a sky like sword with wings on it

im about to do that lole

Finished, let me know if you like it


W inside the chat bro


do something for the devil fox confusion

ok, ill work on it

angel sword will be added gave u 500k ty

:)yw thanks for the coins!

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umm you took away 500k. 1 was at over 10 mil (in shop) now im at 9.48 mil

but it didnt do anything on leaderboard

oh accident

check now

it worked, thanks