I'm Back (And I Probably will piss you off with KoaJS)

I just want to make it clear. I did take a break. A LOOOONG break.

But I am back now, and I ditched expressjs to switch to :sparkles: KoaJS :sparkles:



Hm, why so? What do you like better in Koa?


I am aware it has a smaller user-base and requires external package just for routing functionality, but it is much more compact and robust, was build by express, and I believe is better for me because it is based off of ctx variables. For example:


res.send("¡Hola, mundo!");


ctx.body = "¡Hola, mundo!";

Middleware is also different, despite the fact that it is not compatible with other frameworks I still like it.

I was just now typing in VSCode trying to see if Socket.io works with Koa as well, which it seems to work even faster than express.


I am also using Koa

with typescript


ur finally back after a year

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Wouldn’t quite consider it a year

3 monthss to 5

same thing lol

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@harsh u r right because Devepation left in 2022 and he came back recently in 2023 (;

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yeah fr

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