I'm bored

I’ve been playing swordbattle for a few hours and I’m worn out.

hey look, theres a website with my name:
that cool i guess

Bruh u at home or sum?


i’m slowly dying…

Oh sickness?

No, I’m dying of boredom, i’ve played too much swordbattle my fingers are numb

Carpal tunnel goes crazy

lmao, Unfortuantly im in school so i can’t play sb together
maybe make art, maybe play other games?

My record for video games straight is over 24 hours


You’re sick

Now I play way less :(

Says the one who is in forum all day xD

I have no life

So stop making fun of me

I guess I can practice drawing, I kinda suck

Not making fun
Just saying

you would know alot abt that :skull:

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Monk monk!!

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