I'm finally good at making skins...

Anyways its not a replacement but more like a v2 version of og dragon so that’s why I made it a dead dragon.

Nice detail lol

very epic

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Almost all skins I make have a secret detail or details to it if you haven’t noticed yet.

It actually looks decent

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Also you guys can decide on its name but one of the names I gave it was Diseased Dragon.

Basic but Bone dragon

Blazing Wyvern maybe?

Death Dragon

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Like wasd said about “Bone dragon” it’s way too basic and boring, Kekereke’s idea of the name “Blazing Wyvern” is good but this is a dragon not a Wyvern, and lastly A-bot’s idea has to be the best one ngl for skin’s name.


That’s incredible

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wait @ANGEL skin idea: make sans from undertale or a sans gaster blaster or a sans bone or somethin undertale

Slap isn’t that good at skin making

10k gems?