I'm finally good at making skins...

After years of trying I made a good skin

rate it


Disc: Time for your comeback.

JOKING @ANGEL made this skin

IM still horrible at making skins dw


Angel’s skins take agessss but when she realeases them they are epicccc

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Also is this a dragon skin replacement?

I think no

W its amazing.

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What’s the name?

No they don’t take me long lol I just don’t post them.

ooh i like Death Dragon

cause its a dead dragon

Why not? You rival slap in skin making so you probably one of if not the best skin creator here

Angel has a data base of skins she hasnt posted frfrfrfr

I wannna seeeeeeeeeeee

Idk I just don’t feel like posting much :skull:


you havent posted a topic in 1000 years

Ummm welll I uhhh… do keep a doc full of skins tht I haven’t posted yet sooo… yeahh… :sweat_smile:

Can me see?

What about…


No. :shoot: :angel: :shoot:

What about…

Yes? :tea: :birthday:

Stay on topic

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