Im scared for v2

Im scared for v2. U might be asking why tho. Heres why.

THE MAIN REASON- I think that pvp is gonna be messed up when I see the trailer


the trailer just shows the evols and a player fighting mobs it wont be that bad, I’ve tested it, its almost similar to the one now


basically tripling the content in the game is worth having to spend a week re-learning basic pvp and it isn’t even a guarantee that it’ll be ruined


I’m not a pvper so the values might be slightly off, but ruining PVP is not one of my goals for v2 so I will gradually re-align it with V1 PVP mechanics based on feedback from the community.


tbh you suck at your own game :skull:

He is actually a decent at PvP

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I don’t think it will be happening, because coder has a few top 100 players on his team, who will probably give advice about pvp.

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Btw sry for my grammar i was tired

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