Ima set a bounty!

Okay so, send me a pic of stats in the game of yourself or others. I will set a bounty on you or the person to see how much ur worth


k lets see how much I am worth

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Here are my stats

me want bounty

you haven’t played in 19 days?

sad :cry:

Heres mine


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idk who would want this

You have had a account for a long time…

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If you didn’t read my bio, I was one of the first to play swordbattle. I saw it on a replit kajam in 2021, and the rest is history. Back then, the playerbase consisted of replit devs, like Bruhtyug, amasad, and RayhanADev. One of the best players was probably CosmicWarlord, who we all know and love. The bot’s names were things like India, Pakistan, UAE, Gopal, Ram, etc. The highest you could get was 20k, and if you had above 5k, everyone would target and roach you, because there were no other good ways to get coins. I remember getting two 20k runs, only because I used the godly strat of sitting in the corner and getting everyone’s coins when they came to roach me.

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W Player Ik

I’ll wait till summer my account is a embarrassment right now lol

me btw it me.

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what about this???

yea its not really good compared to a bunch of ppl BUT PLEASE

heheh :)

950 mil us dollars

50 mil us dollars

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