IMPORTANT for the Hall Of Fame Contest!

Make sure to go do this! We need more backgrounds!!!

If there isn’t more than 5 backgrounds I am going to be extending the date of this contest until


GO do this please.

The contest ends tmmr if there isn’t more than 5 backgrounds it will be extended.


i could submit mine, or i could wait for untill thers an extension

Ull have less tike to edit then

no ima do it while i wait but not submit it so i have an extra 3 days

If u plan like this then we might not take it. Or I’ll make three bgs and tepl gautam to judge so there is no overtime

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you know that was my idea from the beggin right to get gautam to judge but you said no?>

Rn me and him r judging


Updated Due Date!


The reason I made it 20th is that there is some serious talented art work that are still being completed, and we don’t want a plain background that is just a simple background being entered.

Cosmic will be giving the top 3 backgrounds in game coins by the way :)

Thank you, please do this :)


I’m willing to collab with someone, if anyone wants to. It’s simple too huge of a task, for me to do alone.

Winners are

This topic can be closed.


They will get prizes but in the future u can always ur own bg