In game skin editor and swords that do more damage

I think it would be a good idea to have a in-game skin editor. The skins made would be saved in the server and would cost money to be fair. Requirments: The editor you can draw the skin or upload a skin (the file is has no background and is square)

The could also be a seperate sword editor.

Swords that do more damage:
There is a sword store.


In game editor would decrease value of current skins and people might make their skins cheap so they can buy

As for more powerful swords, Gautam said no ass to that being unfair for the newer players who didn’t get Mooney

That’s y u get flashy skins

I think it would be unfair because then people cna just copy other skins and sell them at a lower price

The skins are made for themselves and it cost to make a skin
Is this ok?

this would also be solve by having the skins as a personal item.


better concept
and if the timing is weird I live in australia.

The value of shop skins will go down. People won’t buy then

People would seriously recreate the skins and flex by saying “i own the most expensive skin” and stuff

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That’s what I said said…

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make the skin editor 100m
so that the skin values dont decrease

then no one would use it bc too expensive

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100 mill is alot if you are worried about price make it more expence the more complex

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@gautam can we see where this is ok?

hmm i am not sure what do u guys think should i make this

  • Yes
  • No
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how about a spinning wheel with limited skins and coins

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would a spinning wheel cost 25k coins to have 0.1% chance to get super expensive or limited skin? Other prizes maybe coins, buffs

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What if along with this came ranking lobbies, like higher ranking players would go in higher ranking lobbies so you wouldn´t have to deal with flexers and such