Incendiary Skin

Incendiary Skin
Price: 2.1m
Desc: Burn it all down
Untitled - 2023-04-12T095308.924


ugly jus like the maker XD

bet you clicked view smoch

nice, muting even hides replies on topics

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good skin, but make a better name, noone knows what an incendiary is


no, it sounds cool and if you don’t know what incendiary means then google it

thats a bomb??

no :neutral_face:
Annotation 2023-04-11 150409

I actually think this is quite good just the sword flame i think needs a little fixing

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Good skin.


yea bomb device for attack that makes fire

it says any device :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

is this thread a battlefield?

  1. war is going on in the replies
  2. the skin reminds me of battles
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Yeah it one of the better things on the fourm

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@ManagePasswords does the flame look better now? (i also added a handle)


wow the flame looks so much better

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thanks :D

your welcome

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