Info about TGFB

Let’s begin simple with

The Great Forum Battles Season 0: pilot

The pilot is the season we are on now, but some things need to be clarified

Eliminated contestants:

as you know, Contestants get eliminated every "episode"

But don't worry, all i do is send them to LOL or the pit

also, eliminated contestants will get a chance to rejoin the game

there are three ways:

  • Debuts: there will be ONE debut a season, where people who haven't joined the show at all can join. (this is how potatolord joined)
  • Competitions: sometimes, I'll make the LOLers (hehe get it) do a mini-competition. The winner joins a team of their choice
  • Voting: Some challenges won't have a loser, but instead, the winning team will get an eliminated contestant on their team via voting


we will have:

  • 2 more rejoins
  • 25 more challenges (I think)
  • and a finale
  • normally, I won't tell you this, but it is a practice season, so idrc

now, let's move on to...

The great forum battle 1: Kickoff

TGFB 1 will be kept mostly secret, however, I can tell you how joining will work

Technically, we are letting 34 contestants join, however, 10 of them will be put up for debut, meaning only one of them will join

This means that TGFB 1 will have 24 contestants + 1 debut contestant


Hold up there’s gonna be a new forum battle?



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Yeah, this was a trial season, so there has to be…

Also people seemed to like this for a hot minute


Can i be in season 1?

Maybe. You just have to be prepared when the sign ups come out

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2 questions.

  1. When will season 0 end?
  2. What will the winner get?
  1. No clue (For multiple reasons) if each challenge takes 1-3 days, and elimination voting takes 1-2 days, with 25 challenges, do the math, however, there are also challenges with longer due dates.

  2. To both co-host season 1 and get a place on a hall of fame for TGFB, as well as a digital prize! (A funky drawing)

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So around 80 days which means Around April 15.

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yep! well, 50 at the least and 125 at the most

atswhay ethay ordway orfay eethay extnay easonsay?


Translate please


Whats the word for thee next season

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? (I forgot that)

it will be a form, not a word


can I join season 1

The winner should get a custom skin

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will it be like a timed event or like a kinda grinding thingy