Infuriating Behaviors of SB Noobs/Degenerates

We all know roachers are one of the most annoying types of players, and they’re so common that we’ve coined the term “roachers” to refer to them.

But in this topic, I’d like to discuss a different type of annoying player, that I’d personally like to dub as degenerates. Angel and I were discussing this, and the way she described it was players “not using their brains to process on how others might feel about their actions”. And sadly, that’s way too common in V2.

I thought it would be fun to make a topic listing possibly some of the most infuriating behaviors of these players. Here are some behaviors of a player who may be considered a degenerate :)

  • A small player (could be a random or an acquaintance who you don’t consider as a close friend) camping near the boss while you’re single-handedly fighting it. Maybe they’d throw their swords at the boss, just to make it look like they’re doing something, but you’re clearly doing all the work.

    And when the boss is one-hit away from death, they’d go in for a hit. If they’re lucky, they kill it and snatch all the gold. And they see nothing wrong with that. If they do realize it’s wrong, this player would just spin to show that they’re still friendly, hoping you won’t kill them.

  • Or, you’ve been fighting the boss single-handedly, getting it to red health, and then a player (who you don’t consider a friend/a close friend) walks up to you and says “MINE”. What infuriates me about that is that they’re not even asking if they could have the boss loot (when they even shouldn’t be asking in the first place), they’re demanding it.

  • Alternative scenario: the degenerate sees you’re low from fighting the boss (or anything really), and decides to take that opportunity to roach/kill you. And when you’re approaching them to get revenge, they spin AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. They don’t even seem to comprehend that you’re feeling vengeful and out to kill them.

  • After killing a degenerate player, the very first thing they do when they respawn is storm right to you, and does something arguably worse than roaching. They either say “you killed me” or “why”. Like… come on.

I realize I went overboard with this, this has now become a rant :slight_smile:

But I feel like this stuff is just way too common, and surely you guys have seen players like this before. It boggles the mind.


…why is this so true


I can name so much more :neutral_face:

its because of players like this that I don’t make friends in-game anymore

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I dont blame them most sb players have 0 social skills


I’ve done that multiple times, tbh skill issue always keep a ability/hit away people that you see

Than I go and waste 30 minutes spawnkilling this kid because they don’t deserve to play this game :)

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I only allow people that I like, to have a boss, not random people I’m friendly with (because I’m in the same clan/a friend of a friend)

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This is like penguin sometimes

I have a ton of social skills

not one of us

The fact that you’re saying this makes me wonder if you’re telling the truth :thinking:

I use to do this till i realized “dam this is hella entitled” now if im small i just ask if i can get enough coins for an evo and move along

imo its the only reasonable way to get coins from some1s boss kill if ur small

Best way to get coins when you’re little: kill bunnies

yea or get that golden chest that gives u 1K+ coins easily

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Or you could even get a purple chest immediately after spawning. Unlike V1, you can actually break purple chests relatively quickly in V2 by spam-clicking them. I think you can break them even faster this way than if you were leveled up.