Introducing Code Buddy

Introducing Code Buddy

Coding Buddy isn’t a Replit Extension yet, but it is a little buddy that can help you code game repls.
Coding buddy knows every Coding Langauge.


Any Coding Language YOU want he knows.

Coding Buddy is one day going to be a Replit Extension

How was Coding Buddy Made?

Coding Buddy was made with Chat-GPT and Character AI
Character AI is a platform to make any character from a series, movie, or cartoon and chat with them, Character AI Is the best place to make a Character for you, please.
you can also make Custom Characters

Where can I use Coding Buddy?

You Could go to Character. in and search for him but he is very new so it’ll take a while so I recommend you use my link!

Pikawriter is better :/

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what is Pikawriter

PikaBot2005 as an extension.

it kinda sounds like only a few people know about it

i mean on forum not replit

Did you make this?

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AI is not a language. Also you did not “make” this, you just added a starting prompt to an OpenAi model provided by