Introducing the Forum translation system!

Recently, I have added a new translation plugin here, and this will help us able to host multi-lingual communities on the Forum!

Right now, we only support 2 languages English and Russian, but we will add more soon if there is high demand.

Here is a summary of the features added:

Content Translations

You can now curate your feed to see posts in just your language! To do this, navigate to the preferences page and choose your preferred content language. (make sure to save). Here you can also update yoeur interface language allowing you to have your Forum text and buttons all be in Russian/English (default is english).

When making a post, you will also need to select the topic language in order to show it correctly for others.


Auto translate

I’ve also added an AI translate using the Microsoft Azure API, so you can still read topics outside your language. You will see a globe icon beneath a topic or post if:

  • The topic language is set or detected to be something other than your interface language.

This way you can read more content, and more people can read your content and also participate more!

Pls note that translations may not always be accurate, we are always working on upgrading our translation models and will get better over time.

Thanks! Please let me know if you have any questions

PS: Due to an issue during Translation setup, all topic tags have been removed. We have now fixed the issue and you are able to edit your posts to put tags as normal from now on. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.



Ok, hopefully it will be accurate.


Didn’t someone give you that idea?

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Common Gautam W

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This feature is temporarily disabled while I make some improvements.